I’ve talked in previous narratives about the pros and cons of the current trend towards open office layouts. Work and how it flows has changed dramatically over the past 5 years.  75+ percent of all office spaces we see built out these days are primarily open.  Companies are trying to make their culture more collaborative.

But, as we are all too aware, the current COVID pandemic will cause major shifts in office design. However, that may not be a bad thing, as collaboration is only a percentage of the work we do. There are many different types of work that require different kinds of space to best accommodate them. Some days, you need a private corner where you can put your head down and grind until a task is complete. Other times you need a space to rejuvenate, and find some peace and quiet during a stressful project. And on rare occasions, you have the chance to socialize and collaborate on projects in a relaxed environment. 
Below is a great graphic from a presentation at the national conference of NAIOP showing the different types of work and the spaces that best support each type. All of these should be taken into consideration when designing or leasing office space.  We are involved with our clients as they design their offices.  Why?  See below…This gets really complicated and we can help navigate the design process with the professional architects and furniture companies.

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