I am still closely watching the work-from-home (WFH) trend that began a long time ago but really accelerated last year when the Covid pandemic first hit. Many businesses are now returning to the office, with optional WFH schedules or reimagined spaces. Every business is handling the return to their office differently, and some have found their office has been changed permanently.

The below graph is from architecture firm Gensler’s annual report. They conducted a survey of workers across the U.S. to see who is ready to return to the office and why.

Some of my key takeaways include:
–70% of people surveyed want to go back to the office.
–12% want to be full-time remote and 30% want a flexible arrangement.
–Technology and media lead the work remote industries, while legal and non-profit are ready to return.
–The leading reason people want to return to the office is to get face-to-face time and socialization with colleagues. These reasons beat out the desire for technology or amenities.

Most of us are finding our offices changing in many ways, and there’s no doubt this trend will have far-reaching impacts on office space. If you want to know more or discuss what we see our clients doing, give me a call.


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