What DOES $1,500 buy you? – Very Different Apartment Comparisons Across the US and Around the World

October 2, 2015

Apartment development and rents have been the talk of this cycle’s development. I found a couple different examples of apartment comparisons:
First, a look at which states offer the most square footage across the US. In Detroit you can rent an 818 SF place for the same price you get for a 285 SF place in San Francisco. I heard a few stories of people renting couches in San Francisco this past summer (the couch with one shelf in the refrigerator makes for fine living for some).
Second, I found it fascinating what $1,500/month in rent would get you in living space all over the world. Buenos Aires and Moscow look like a bargain. Tokyo, not so much. I like the modern feel of the Mumbai apartment at 94,000 Indian Rupees.

We get the privilege of leasing office space all day every day. This includes national account transactions all over the country. From high end corporate offices, to really cool tech space, to back office/flex –you name it— we lease it. There is as much variety in our office space world as there is in different apartment projects all over the globe.
Enjoy…and call me if you need office space (not an apartment iPhone smiley face).



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This Is What $1,500 A Month In Rent Would Get You In Cities All Around The World
By: Rachael Krishna
July 20, 2015

London — £997 ($1,551)
London 1 London 2 London 3
1. Zoopla / Via zoopla.co.uk-rent/details/37503211?search_identifier=2c87db0f92256aaee585262e70955848#h
2. Zoopla / Via zoopla.co.uk-rent/details/37503211?search_identifier=2c87db0f92256aaee585262e70955848#h
3. Zoopla / Via zoopla.co.uk-rent/details/37503211?search_identifier=2c87db0f92256aaee585262e70955848#hwM8bKuEuK1FfYs6.97

Location: High Street Kensington
∙ Studio flat with bed, kitchen, and toilet
∙ Super-nice entrance hall

Paris — 1,220 euros ($1,323)
Paris 1 2 Paris 2 Paris 3
1. Leboncoin / Via leboncoin.fr/819079558.htm?ca=12_s
2. Leboncoin / Via leboncoin.fr/819079558.htm?ca=12_s
3. Leboncoin / Via leboncoin.fr/819079558.htm?ca=12_s

Location: 13th arrondissement
∙ Forty square meters of space
∙ Kitchen, toilet, and shower room
∙ Listing advises that the property is “impossible” for sharers and probably best for a couple.

Berlin — 1,250 euros ($1,356)
Berlin 1 Berlin 2 Berlin 3
1. Craig’s List / Via berlin.en.craigslist.de/5131388065.html
2. Craig’s List / Via berlin.en.craigslist.de/5131388065.html
3. Craig’s List / Via berlin.en.craigslist.de/5131388065.html

Location: Rosenthaler Platz
∙ One bedroom, one bathroom, “Altbau”-style loft apartment
∙ Look at all that space tho. <3

Kathmandu, Nepal — 150,000 Nepalese rupees ($1,474)
Nepal 1 Nepal 2 Nepal 3
1. apartment-kathmandu / Via apartment-kathmandu.com.htm
2. apartment-kathmandu / Via apartment-kathmandu.com.htm
3. apartment-kathmandu / Via apartment-kathmandu.com.htm

Location: Sunakothi, Lalitpur
∙ Four-bedroom, five-bathroom house
∙ Comes with separate servant quarters, landscaped garden, and swimming pool

Mumbai — 94,000 Indian rupees ($1,477)
Mumbai 1 Mumbai 2 Mumbai 3
1. Magic Bricks / Via magicbricks.com/3-BHK-2800-Sq-ft-Multistorey-Apartment-FOR-Rent-Poonam-Nagar-in-Mumbai&pkg=10070&id=SrxTx8GSjKVzpSvf+uAgZw==
2. Magic Bricks / Via magicbricks.com/3-BHK-2800-Sq-ft-Multistorey-Apartment-FOR-Rent-Poonam-Nagar-in-Mumbai&pkg=10070&id=SrxTx8GSjKVzpSvf+uAgZw==
3. Magic Bricks / Via magicbricks.com/3-BHK-2800-Sq-ft-Multistorey-Apartment-FOR-Rent-Poonam-Nagar-in-Mumbai&pkg=10070&id=SrxTx8GSjKVzpSvf+uAgZw==

Location: Poonam Nagar 
∙ Three bedrooms, two bathrooms
∙ Perks include gym, swimming pool, jogging track, and clubhouse

New York City — $1,425
New York 1 New York 2 New York 3
1. Craig’s List / Vianewyork.craigslist.org/fee/5091613508.html
2. Craig’s List / Vianewyork.craigslist.org/fee/5091613508.html
3. Craig’s List / Vianewyork.craigslist.org/fee/5091613508.html

Location: Prospect Park South, Brooklyn
∙ One-room apartment
∙ They’re totally cool with you having a dog in this tiny space.

Buenos Aires — 13,580 pesos ($1,488)
Buenos Aires 1 Buenos Aires 2 Buenos Aires 3
1. Airbnb / Via airbnb.co.uk/2459423?checkin=01-07-2015&checkout=31-07-2015&s=hgfk
2. Airbnb / Via airbnb.co.uk/2459423?checkin=01-07-2015&checkout=31-07-2015&s=hgfk
3. Airbnb / Via airbnb.co.uk/2459423?checkin=01-07-2015&checkout=31-07-2015&s=hgfk

Location: Palermo Hollywood
∙ One bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms
∙ Perks include a pool, a gym, and a walk-in wardrobe

Shanghai — 8,564 Chinese yuan ($1,380)
Shanghai 1 Shanghai 2 Shanghai 3
1. Airbnb / Via zh.airbnb.com/3893308?checkin=2015-07-01&checkout=2015-07-31&s=o-df
2. Airbnb / Via zh.airbnb.com/3893308?checkin=2015-07-01&checkout=2015-07-31&s=o-df
3. Airbnb / Via zh.airbnb.com/3893308?checkin=2015-07-01&checkout=2015-07-31&s=o-df

Location: Xuhui district
∙ One bedroom, one bathroom
∙ Somewhere in this tiny flat there is apparently a Jacuzzi. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Sydney — 485 Australian dollars a week ($357)
Sydney 1 Sydney 2 Sydney 3
1. Real Estate / Via realestate.com.au-unit-nsw-sydney-405088551
2. Real Estate / Via realestate.com.au-unit-nsw-sydney-405088551
3. Real Estate / Via realestate.com.au-unit-nsw-sydney-405088551

Location: Sydney’s central business district
∙ One bedroom, one bathroom
∙ You and your laundry can wash in the same room like a weird long-term couple.

Moscow — 85,000 rubles ($1,491)
Moscow 1 Moscow 2 Moscow 3
1. Cian / Via cian.ru/flat/24825826/
2. Cian / Via cian.ru/flat/24825826/
3. Cian / Via cian.ru/flat/24825826/

Location: Aeroport district
∙ One-bedroom studio apartment with built-in stereo, large bathroom with sauna and bidet
∙ Owner describes it as an LCD Airbus — and look at that sauna.

Los Angeles — $1,512
LA 1 LA 2 2 LA 3
1. Zillow / Via zillow.com/for_rent/Los-Angeles-CA/condo,apartment_duplex_type/82867622_zpid/12447_rid/331432-397718_price/1250-1500_mp/days_sort/34.103134,-118.1777,33.943218,-118.533726_rect/11_zm/?view=map
2. Zillow / Via zillow.com/for_rent/Los-Angeles-CA/condo,apartment_duplex_type/82867622_zpid/12447_rid/331432-397718_price/1250-1500_mp/days_sort/34.103134,-118.1777,33.943218,-118.533726_rect/11_zm/?view=map
3. Zillow / Via zillow.com/for_rent/Los-Angeles-CA/condo,apartment_duplex_type/82867622_zpid/12447_rid/331432-397718_price/1250-1500_mp/days_sort/34.103134,-118.1777,33.943218,-118.533726_rect/11_zm/?view=map

Location: Downtown
∙ Studio apartment, one bath, and a rooftop swimming pool, because all homes in Los Angeles have swimming pools
∙ The bedroom looks pretty goth with that fancy chandelier.

Tokyo — 185,000 yen ($1,491)
Tokyo 1 Tokyo 2 Tokyo 3
1. Tokyo Apartment / Viatokyoapartment.com/rent/view/136078
2. Tokyo Apartment / Viatokyoapartment.com/rent/view/136078
3. Tokyo Apartment / Viatokyoapartment.com/rent/view/136078

Location: Suginami
∙ Three bedrooms, and living/dining/kitchen area
∙ Apparently you get a hammock, so you can lie back and take in the beautiful sight of your inner-city flat.

Nairobi — 150,000 Kenyan shillings ($1,463)
Nairobi 1 Nairobi 2 Nairobi 3
1. Property 24 / Via property24.co.ke-bedroom-apartment-flat-to-rent-in-westlands-103051405
2. Property 24 / Via property24.co.ke-bedroom-apartment-flat-to-rent-in-westlands-103051405
3. Property 24 / Via property24.co.ke-bedroom-apartment-flat-to-rent-in-westlands-103051405

Location: Affluent Westlands area of the city
∙ Two bedrooms, open-plan kitchen, and a pretty awesome view
∙ Apparently there are two waterfalls in this complex.

Cairo — 9,648 Egyptian pounds ($1,232)
Cairo 1 Cairo 2 Cairo 3
1. AirBnb / Via airbnb.co.uk/6240261?s=yxVz
2. AirBnb / Via airbnb.co.uk/6240261?s=yxVz
3. AirBnb / Via airbnb.co.uk/6240261?s=yxVz

Location: 200 meters from the pyramids
∙ Four bedrooms, one bathroom, and air conditioning

Cape Town, South Africa — 15,000 South African rand ($1,209)
Cape Town 1 Cape Town 2 Cape Town 3
1. Private Property / Via privateproperty.co.za-point-rr913868.htm
2. Private Property / Via privateproperty.co.za-point-rr913868.htm
3. Private Property / Via privateproperty.co.za-point-rr913868.htm

– Located in the Sea Point area of the city.
– Two bedrooms, one bathroom.
– As the name Sea Point suggests, you’re pretty darn close to the sea.

Rio de Janeiro — 3,107 Brazilian reais ($972)
Rio 1 2 Rio 2 Rio 3
1. Wimdu / Via wimdu.co.uk/BIDU8LGQ?max_price_step=0&min_bedrooms=1&page=3&per_page=25&search_geolocation=1980-rio-de-janeiro&sort_by=score
2. Wimdu / Via wimdu.co.uk/BIDU8LGQ?max_price_step=0&min_bedrooms=1&page=3&per_page=25&search_geolocation=1980-rio-de-janeiro&sort_by=score
3. Wimdu / Via wimdu.co.uk/BIDU8LGQ?max_price_step=0&min_bedrooms=1&page=3&per_page=25&search_geolocation=1980-rio-de-janeiro&sort_by=score

Location: Santa Teresa
∙ Two bedrooms, one bathroom, and, again, a hammock
∙ Santa Teresa is an artistic neighborhood, so you can go out and get creative with all that rent you saved.

Please note that currency conversion rates and housing markets are always changing. All figures were correct at the time of publication.


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