We continue to talk about the return to the office in this narrative because it’s at the forefront of our clients’ minds.  The below report from Leesman polled real estate leaders on the state of the workplace following the Covid-19 pandemic.  Here are a few takeaways I found most interesting:


–Almost 40% are planning major changes to their workplace to support employees’ needs

–68% have incorporated a hybrid model with the ability to WFH and the office. 

–Most plan to reduce their real estate footprint.

–Natural light improves employee wellbeing and makes them more effective.

–Unplanned social interactions through the creation of high traffic areas are more valuable than the daily interactions in an open floorplan.

–Workers who face away from the room rate various aspects of teamwork more negatively than those who face the room. People feel unsettled if they do not know what is going on behind their backs.


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Leesman CRE Leaders Poll Report 2022

Click here for the full report.