Why are you getting a C2 Original Content before Wednesday… How did you get so lucky?


First, a bonus. We wanted to send this early to announce the launch of, Rod Santomassimo’s new book, Dominators of Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Our team is one of the few teams profiled in it.  To read our chapter click the link here!  Please consider buying a copy.


This insightful book showcases the expertise of top producers in the industry, providing a range of knowledge and strategies to succeed in the ever-changing world of commercial real estate. With the constant changes to the market, I’ve learned a thing or two from it myself.


We still want to provide additional value today, so let’s talk Title Insurance.  When we have a user who buys a building for their business, we  get asked this question all the time:  What is title insurance and why do we need it? Our new simple infographic below gives the answer.


Take a quick minute to learn (or relearn) something today.  In easy to understand words, we show what title insurance covers and why we recommend ALTA coverage in Commercial Real Estate.


Still have questions? Give us a call and we can provide more explanation.





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