Over the years, we have seen a proliferation of amenities and additions to office space that we lease.  We assembled a nice overview of what we call The Modern Workplace.  In addition to photos, I have added a little overview of the top amenities.  Each of these amenities is from one of our listings here in Metro Phoenix, AZ. 

 Here is a quick summary:
–Tenants want and demand more than ever in their office space. From workout facilities to cafes and green spaces, the standard cubicle and break room just don’t cut it anymore.  
–Millennials are driving the full office experience. Companies looking to recruit employees are scrambling to add to the amenities they can offer….just to recruit. 
–This will be interesting to see if tenants will continue to demand (and gladly pay for) all these additions as we come out of the crisis.

What have you created in your space or seen in your market that you thought was valuable?


Shared Tenant lounge has become common in the last 10 years.  Any building of any size now has one.

Gyms are cool. Gyms are visual.  Gyms are great on tours.  However, we have not seen a ton of usage by tenants.

Super Cool Cafes are all the rage.  And rightfully so.  Tenants are making their spaces more open more collaborative and the best place to interact—the cafe.

Clean lobbies both in the building and in each tenant’s office are the latest look.

Common Conference centers are being used all the time and buildings are adding these on a regular basis.

Open spaces and viable use of those spaces are now mandatory.

Your Dad’s office space is no more.  Make your space cool and use it as a recruiting tool.

If open ceilings look cool, then companies are building them into their space.

This is rare but really cool.