Speaking Engagements

Craig Coppola, Andrew Cheney and Gregg Kafka are widely known as industry thought leaders and are asked to give dozens of talks each year on market overviews, forecasting, and strategic planning for the commercial real estate industry.

In addition to real estate, Craig also gives talks on numerous motivational topics such as The Fantastic Life, Grit, Resilience, Goal Setting and much more.

If you are interested in having Craig, Andrew or Gregg speak for your organization, please contact us.

Commercial Real Estate 101:

Watch a sample from Craig’s CRE 101 presentation which covers the players, projects and brokers of the six different segments of Commercial Real Estate, the Market Cycles and the top trends affecting Commercial Real Estate.

Living The Fantastic Life:

In this presentation, Craig goes through 6 of his 18 rules for living The Fantastic Life. This motivational presentation will give you tips and techniques to find the places and circumstances where you can thrive, focus on where you’ve been in order to go where you want, and articulate what The Fantastic Life means for you. Below is sample from his talk at the Arizona Builders Convention. For more information on The Fantastic Life, you can visit www.thefantasticlife.com.

Presentation Detail: