Below is a great snapshot of Arizona and where we are with our economy. In addition, I’ve added a couple extra tidbits that are not in the below infographic:
–Arizona still lags in job creation. We are not quite back to 100 percent of our jobs lost (even though we have regained 314,000). This is the first time ever that Arizona has not lead the country. Why? The housing market continues to be lackluster. Everything else is doing well. This is ultimately a great sign for Arizona.
–Arizona has a very pro-business environment. The state maintains a balanced budget and added no new taxes this year. If you want to see 10 things that happened so far this year, click here.
–Here is a little background about Banner Health Care becoming our largest employer—They bought the University of Arizona Medical School adding 8,000 employees. This is just the beginning of the story regarding growth in Arizona for medical related jobs. Read here for more.
Arizona is doing just fine.

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Arizona Employment Rates