You have taken all the right steps, 12-18 months before your lease is set to expire you have hired your broker (C2 of course!), identified 2-3 options you are happy moving into, negotiated a great deal with a great Tenant Improvement package and signed a lease. Now what???

It is at this point where most brokers do their best e-cig impersonation and turn to vapor! Below is a very cool chart that shows the extra steps that we take at C2 to not only make sure you have the best deal possible, but help insure you have the best possible outcome all the way up to move in day.

I spent the first 10 years of my career out of college in Construction  Management and I speak from experience when I say the earlier clarity can be achieved the better the outcome for everyone. This has never been more important than during this past year with record inflation, supply chain delays and labor shortages. A delay because of lack of PM Guidance could end up costing you more than just potential holdover fees or burning off free rent when not in your space, with construction pricing increasing by over 35% compared to last year not having the right guidance could mean additional costs are coming out of your pocket.

Would love to hear from you on any victories or horror stories you may have had over the years, lets compare scars!



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Project Management Guidance 

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