Ten on One – NFL Long Snapper JJ Jansen Explains Performing Under Pressure

All you need is 10 minutes to listen to our conversation with current NFL great, JJ Jansen, who is the veteran long snapper for the Carolina Panthers.  JJ shares some incredible tips on how he has dealt with pressure in one of the most intense workplaces: the pro football stadium. Can you imagine doing your job with millions of spectators watching your every move?


Enjoy the interview, stories, and insights.  JJ gives such a great perspective, I recommend watching this 2 or 3 times.  No one lasts 15 seasons (and counting) in the NFL without mastering performance.


A few takeaways include:

  • Create a mental model for success and consistency.
  • Mentorship matters.
  • Routines help quiet the mind. 
  • Build a wall between work and non-work.
  • There is always room for improvement in the NFL, and in your craft.





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