Ten on One – Family Legacies with Scott Donnell

Normally, we talk all things CRE.  Today, however, we’re making a detour and chatting with Scott Donnell, the genius founder of GravyStack, Apex Leadership Company, and author of New York Times best-seller, Value Creation Kid.  Scott spent the past five years learning from 1,000 amazing families.  Family legacy is his life and here are some fascinating takeaways:


— 90% of generational wealth disappears before the grandkids – WHERE is it going??

— Teach your kids the value creation mindset – Once kids master material, emotional, and spiritual values, they can start to add value to every situation.

— Create a home economy system – Don’t avoid money conversations with your kids. The money conversations that you have with your children matter.

— Kids need heritage – not inheritance It’s not the money you leave your kids that matters. The more important thing is having an impact on who your kids are as people. What does it mean to have your last name?

If you have an interest in this topic, please click below for our 10-minute conversation, which is full of action-packed ideas.







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