We are asked to join numerous podcasts on various topics ranging from commercial real estate to investments to goal setting. Click below to listen in!


Secrets to Success – Commercial Real Estate Panel Discussion

May 30, 2024

Craig Coppola has been a long-time Strategic Coach member, a business coaching program for growth-minded entrepreneurs. Matt Yonke sat down with Craig and 3 other panel members to discuss their secrets to success in Commercial Real Estate.


Building Buzz – The Insider perspective with Lee & Associates

November 7, 2023

Craig and Andrew sit down with Small Giants and The Phoenix Business Journal to share their perspective on the state of office space in Arizona, where we are seeing growth and how they are navigating this competitive and complex market. Tune in and follow along as these two masterfully discuss projections,[…]

Mo Bina’s Purpose-Driven Wealth

April 1, 2023

Craig was featured on Mo Bina’s Purpose-Driven Wealth podcast talking about some powerful concepts to start living your Fantastic Life.


Health Futures, Taking Stock of You

March 1, 2023

Craig made an appearance on the radio show Health Futures, Taking Stock of You, to chat with host Bob Roth. In this segment, they touch on the state of the real estate market post-pandemic, backpacking, and the tenets of living a Fantastic Life, among more.


The Fantastic Life Presentation at The Family Office Club Investor Event

July 1, 2022

Craig was one of the keynote speakers at Family Office Club’s recent 1,000+ person investor event. He gave his Fantastic Life talk to demonstrate that being ultra-healthy is not only more important than being ultra-wealthy but core to enjoying the money and time that you have. One point you will[…]

The Trust Doctor – Dr. Patty Ann Tublin

June 1, 2022

Craig was recently a guest on The Trust Doctor‚ a podcast hosted by relationship and communications expert, Dr. Patty Ann Tublin. In this episode, the two discuss building business relationships with the persistence and grit of an athlete. Give it a listen!


Street Smart Success – Roger Becker

June 1, 2022

Craig was a recent guest on Roger Becker’s Street Smart Success podcast where he talked about the bright future of Phoenix real estate. Touching on job growth and new industry development, Craig shares his insights into the continued rise of the Metro area.


Work from home or head back into the office?

April 1, 2022

Work from home or head back into the office? That’s the debate many companies are having these days. Andrew weighed in on the future of the office in Phoenix in this radio segment.


The Passive Wealth Strategy Show

December 1, 2021

Craig was a guest on the podcast, The Passive Wealth Strategy Show, to discuss investing in startups as well as commercial real estate, and to share his experience with both avenues.


Igniting Souls – Kary Oberbrunner

October 1, 2021

Craig was a guest on the podcast, Igniting Souls, where he talked about betting on yourself, taking your team and life to the next level, and collecting Unique abilities.


NAIOP Arizona’s 2020 Award of Excellence

May 1, 2021

Craig was honored with NAIOP Arizona’s 2020 Award of Excellence, a lifetime achievement award that recognizes an individual‚Äôs impact on the commercial real estate industry in Arizona. This video highlights some of his achievements from a few of his top influencers.


Unique Transactions on the Best Ever Show

April 1, 2021

Craig was interviewed on the podcast, Best Ever Show‚ where he offered real estate advice on how to find deals and execute unique transactions. Listen to the episode now!


Insight into the CRE World with Jim Gillespie and Mike Spears, Lee & Associates Houston

April 1, 2020

Craig recorded a podcast with Real Estate Coach, Dr. Jim Gillespie and Mike Spears out of Lee & Associates Houston. They recorded it with the thought of giving listeners some insights into the CRE world.


The Value of SIOR

June 1, 2019

Andrew gives his perspective on the value of SIOR, including staying on the cutting edge of real estate and connecting with elite brokers around the world.


Leaders in Chairs Drinking Coffee

July 1, 2018

Andrew was honored to join Danielle Feroleto at Small Giants in the inaugural episode of Leaders in Chairs Drinking Coffee.


Cashflow Ninja

April 16, 2018

Craig appeared on the podcast ‚Cashflow Ninja, to discuss how disruption in the real estate business is creating exciting new opportunities.


Inspiring Entrepreneurs – The Arizona Corporation Commission

October 1, 2016

The Arizona Corporation Commission and one of the Commissioners shot a series of TV episodes on 10 Arizona Entrepreneurs. These include Jerry Colangelo (former owner of the Phoenix Suns and Arizona Diamondbacks), Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad), Eric Crown (founder of Insight Computers) AND Craig Coppola, one[…]

Becoming a Master at Getting Exclusive Listings – Jim Gillespie

August 1, 2016

Jim Gillespie interviewed Craig once again as part of his Million Dollar Commercial Real Estate Agent Inner Circle Project to discuss “Becoming a Master at Getting Exclusive Listings”. Listen now to get some great tips from a 30+ year experienced broker!


Freedom Real Estate Investing Podcast with Brock Collins

April 1, 2016

Brock Collins, host of Freedom Real Estate Investing Podcast, interviewed Craig to highlight his experience in commercial real estate leasing and investing. In this episode, Craig shares stories and lessons learned through investing and acquiring properties of his own.


Power Prospecting with Jim Gillespie

March 1, 2015

Andrew sits down with Jim Gillespie to discuss Power Prospecting.


Keeping Your Clients Unbelievably Loyal to You with Jim Gillespie

November 1, 2014

Jim Gillespie interviewed Craig as part of his Million Dollar Commercial Real Estate Agent Inner Circle Project to discuss “Keeping Your Clients Unbelievably Loyal to You.”

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