Welcome to 2020.  As we start the new decade, I have prepared a 4-part series of narratives on office space 2020.  For the next 4 weeks, I’ll be taking a look at what is going on in the workplace from a high level to set the tone for the decade.

Part One: The Future Office. Below is a cool graphic study completed by Google and Raconteur.  You can click below for the whole study.  I pulled out two key graphs and thoughts for you over the next decade:

1.  Technology is poised to transform organizations into more flexible workplaces over the next few years.  This is not a shocker.  I’ve been talking about that for the last few years.  Here is one key area to focus on:  Mobile.  Check out the graph below and you’ll notice that mobile and all its implications are at least double the interest level from every other item that office users are working on.  Be sure to include Mobile in all your planning.

2.  The second chart is more of the same for 2020.  The two main drivers for office space:
– Cost savings.  This is the longest bull market ever in the US.  What does this look like when the inevitable recession happens?
– Efficiencies.  This leads us back to the above comment.  The more efficient you are, the more you save.

Funny, I remember being told by the late Don Behm, the VP of Real Estate for Cigna, in 1985 that cost savings on our space was the number #1 driver for his decision on a requirement that we worked on.  Some things change…others don’t.

Click here to view chart larger.

Click here to read the whole report.