I have spent almost 100,000 hours of my life committed to leasing commercial office space. After completing 3,500 commercial lease transactions and 30 years in the business, I decided to write the follow up to my first book How to Win in Commercial Real Estate Investing and have now written a book on commercial office space leasing. The Art of Commercial Real Estate Leasing is now published and available for purchase. Click here to buy now!
Much like my first book, this is a sure fire NYT best seller 🙂  Written for the beginner owner, the book is simple, but complete. As you can imagine, 30 years of leasing office space has given me plenty of stories, scars, and experiences. I have translated that wisdom into this book, including personal stories and action steps to help owners successfully manage the leasing process.
Acquiring your first commercial property is a big learning experience and one of the most exciting events in investing.  Leasing the property is where you make all your money.  AND that is where you get lasting satisfaction otherwise known as positive cash flow. 

Bill Lee, Founder of our company Lee & Associates, wrote the foreword, and once again Rich Dad Library is publishing.
Thank you for your interest.



Final Front Cover - The Art Of Leasing 3Final Back Cover - The Art of leasing 2