I have been watching this trend unfold in the residential construction industry for the past year. Now it is spreading to all sectors. Contractors and subcontractors are having a heck of a time hiring to fill needs. In fact, 50% or more of all contractors and subcontractors are having issues. What does this mean for the market?
My take:
–Higher wages for workers
–Higher construction costs
–Higher rents and prices
I have a great video that walks through all the reasons for the shortages AND why these shortages will continue. For the video please click here. It’s worth the 5 minute watch.
What ramifications will these shortages have for your property or for lease rates in your market? This is a question I am happy to discuss. Give me a call or email.


Here’s why you should have no qualms about demanding a raise if you work in construction

By: Myles Udland

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Construction Labor Shortages