It is imperative to know the key points of your lease. This means reading beyond the rent and the expiration date. We prepare lease abstracts for all of our clients as a matter of course. Our unique lease abstract form makes sure we capture all the important lease details and maximize your leverage.

Why? Because you will need this information at your fingertips on a regular basis. Time and time again we have clients who will reach out to us for guidance on estoppel terms, escalations, base year vs. comparison years, or what does the holdover clause say. We are here, and we are ready because we prepare the lease abstract.

Please contact us to perform a free abstract of any lease you need. We love building relationships…one client at a time.

Are you curious about your lease? Whenever you’re ready, we’d love to provide a lease review and market comparison for your current lease. No cost or obligation of any kind. We love building relationships…one client at a time. Give us a call.


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