Each year I read tons of reports, market studies, and research.  One of the best in the business is Gensler’s workplace survey. This year, Gensler takes a deep dive into innovators–how they work, how design drives innovation, and what is happening for the individual worker.

At the end of this email is a link to the entire report (well worth your time, if you are an office space trends geek like me), or you can read a few of the high points from my perspective below:

Workplace design needs to prioritize both the individual and group work. Below is a graphic showing there is still a long way to go in this area.  When this happens, a number of good metrics come out (job satisfaction and level of meaning go up).

State of Workplace


Not surprisingly, innovators spend more time away from their desk.  Below is a cool graphic that shows this trend. All our clients are asking us how to do this while still getting productivity and creating a team.

Innovators Spend time


Innovators see their office space in its entirety. They have better designed workspaces throughout the office. See below where they find opportunity to make workspaces better and more innovative.

Better Designed workplaces 2
There is lots of disruption in the changing office demographic profile, the nature of work, and of course the design to meet the needs of all this change.  We are a steady hand helping more than 100 companies annually find and lease office space.  Over the past 30+ years, our team has done over 3,500 leases.  We can help you navigate the changing world of office space leasing and design. Email or call me. 

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Click here to read the full Gensler report.
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