While we represent office tenants and landlords each and every day, we are always looking to give our clients basic, simple advice. Below is an article that does this for creating functional office space.

When we work with our tenant clients, we focus on the basics like:
1—Determine how much space the company will need (I told you this was basic).
2—Analyze the company’s work style. This is a big discussion. All sides of this conversation have been discussed at length in this narrative. There is a nice pro and con summary below of open office space.
3—Consider what is driving workplace change. Now more than ever before, change is happening at a lightning pace. Planning the future is paramount.
4—Design for flexibility—different than just change, this looks at different directions in which the business could travel.
Here is a suggestion: If you are not thinking about office space at this time, file this email for future reference. I send myself emails in the future by using the “Options”, “Delayed Delivery” feature. OR you can just hire us now and we will take care of the rest.



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