Arizona is growing again. Of all the states boasting job growth, we are at the top. We have been doing it with regional headquarters relocations, internal growth, and a robust tech market.

I give a lot of credit for this growth to our pro-business Governor Doug Ducey. This narrative is decidedly not political, but our growth is cause for celebration. 

One interesting trend we are seeing is Arizona taking a lot of jobs and business from California. We will see this trend continue, as Arizona is a great place to do business. See how many jobs have moved here in the past couple years by clicking here

Below is a cool infographic from Sandra Watson and her team at the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA).  Between the ACA and the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, we are flat out kicking butt for jobs.

In Arizona, we are open for business.

P.S. – Last week we talked about driverless cars. Singapore is testing driverless taxis. Now! Autonomous cars are speeding up. Click here to read more. 


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