We spend a large amount of time with our tenants talking about the changing workforce, and how to drive change within the company. Below is a great infographic from Forward Tilt and Allsteel on how to do exactly that — drive change. To drive change, you should know some of the myths that are perpetuated, including:

How much time people spend at their desk. Your people say 80%, but it’s actually 40%. 

Full occupancy and the belief that we need to grow. However, it is estimated that 50% of all office space is underutilized. We spend time making sure built-in growth is real. 

Lots of initiatives — lots of failures. 70% of all change initiatives fail. Designing to the latest initiative is naïve. How you and your team work is way more important. 

Spending time thinking about these issues up front, before you tour, before you renew, before you hire any design group, is paramount. If you’re looking for ways to change your office to better fit your company’s culture, meet your financial goals, and drive change, we can help. Call or email me. 


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