This narrative has been talking about changes in office space design, layout, and work flow for the last year. During COIVD-19, I decided to put together a summary presentation of the 10 changes office space users are making as we come out of the pandemic.

I have given this presentation live (well, over Zoom) over 20 times in the past year and wanted to share it with you now.  Click here to read the entire presentation.
Some key takeaways:

–Most changes made during the pandemic are accelerations of existing trends
–Hoteling will finally get its day in the sun
–Flexible work is here to stay.

If you want my live commentary on the presentation or have a question, please email me.


PS – And a shocker – Home prices have hit a new high from the narrative we sent out on May 26th. Less than 90 days ago.

Click here to read the entire presentation.