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Will Work from Anywhere Work?

The evolution of hybrid work continues as companies move on from the pandemic. While work from home (WFH) satisfies many, the allure of work from anywhere (WFA) may seem like a dream scenario. The article below from The Economist takes a closer look at the realities of completely untethered work. It’s important for employers and Landlords to understand …

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Weakening the Work-From-Home Revolution

Everyone is talking about the looming recession.  While I personally think it’s likely to hit in 2023,  no one seems to be talking about how it could bring people back to the office. The article below discusses the reasons why a recession will lead to remote workers heading back into the office. Layoffs are coming (actually, they’re already here), and unemployment …

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The Latest Insights and Stats on Hybrid Office Work

Want to understand how employees really feel about the hybrid workplace? Microsoft has put out a fantastic report called the 2022 Work Trend Index Annual Report. An independent research firm conducted a survey with over 31,000 full-time and part-time works across 31 worldwide markets. This report also used valuable data from LinkedIn and Microsoft 365. Here are …

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