Dynamic Architecture is designing a whole new way to build buildings AND each floor moves independently while rotating. Pretty cool, huh? 
Here are some highlights:
1—Each floor rotates 360 degrees, independently or in a concerted manner. Much like the fancy restaurant at the top of a building we have all been to, but in these buildings every floor rotates.
2—In between floors, there are wind turbines that collect energy creating a building that is green.
3—Other than the core, the building is built off-site at a warehouse and modules are brought in.
The first of these buildings is a planned 68-story tower in Dubai. The building will be constantly changing shape with each floor able to rotate in 90 minutes. Here is the link to the video: http://www.flixxy.com/dubai-dynamic-architecture.htm
If you want more, here is the link to the architect’s website: http://www.dynamicarchitecture.net/. This could be a game changer in design and construction.  



Moving Building 3