If you’ve been following this narrative for a while, you know that one of my favorite topics is how technology is disrupting the world around us. Of all the technology I’ve covered, by far the most exciting development is autonomous vehicles.

Almost every major tech company is involved in this technology, from Uber, to Alphabet (Google), to Tesla. (Here’s a list of 44 companies currently at work on this tech.) Having worked with tech firms for almost three decades (since the days of COBOL) and adding new firms each year, you can imagine we have seen a ton of changes in this industry.

Below is an infographic we created about how autonomous cars are changing the commercial real estate landscape. This new trend, along with the ever-changing market, makes having a team like ours on your side at all times imperative. Check out our tech firm-specific site: www.C2techgroups.com to learn more about how we can help you.




P.S. The Bachelor – NAIOP Edition is back for season 2 with an all-new group of tenants looking to fall in love with Arizona real estate. Watch the video below!

Bachelor 2 - Ep 1a

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Autonomous Vehicle Special Report - Version 2