Below is a cool infographic on some of the issues affecting workspace. This includes air quality, temperature variations, natural light, and, of course, noise in any open environment. I really like the summary of unhealthy and healthy office space situations. If you are looking for space, make sure you think about these issues as you design your office. If you are not yet in the market, save this for when you start the process. You can always just choose us to represent you and we will make sure these are on your criteria.


P.S. We were fortunate to represent California Casualty Management Company in negotiating their renewed lease at Talavi Corporate Center in Glendale.

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Are you in an unhealthy office relationship?
The Washington Post

By: Bonnie Berkowitz and Laura Stanton
June 8, 2014
Can’t change your office? Here’s why you shouldn’t just sit there and some things you can do instead.
Are you in an unhealthy office relationship_Wash Post 2