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Coppola-Cheney Listing Services

Our Velocity of Work allows us to achieve the fastest lease up and highest occupancy in our markets. This comprehensive “secret sauce” is why owners and brokers love working with us.

Coppola-Cheney Velocity of Work

After three decades of closing over 150 deals per year each and every year, we have fine-tuned our process to include the fastest response times in our industry. Click here for a graphic of our standards today. When deal flow moves quickly, we can build momentum, trust, and collaboration on both the landlord and the …

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Top 10 Office Amenities

Is your business providing the right amenities to keep your employees happy? Click here to find out the ways to attract and retain labor.

C2 Build-to-Suit/Pre-Leasing Experience

Pre-leasing office space is the most difficult challenge in the Metro Phoenix office market. Selling our clients’ capabilities and vision is a craft we have used to pre-lease over 4 million square feet, a figure only one of our competitors comes close to matching.

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