Thank you for reading my weekly narrative.  Some of you have been with us the entire five years. I have been blessed to get tons of great feedback, be recognized for an award, and actually get some business out of this weekly email. See below for a graph charting our progress over the past 5 years.  

Here are the top three questions I get on my narrative:
1. Do I write these?  Yes, I personally write each narrative.  I find about 9 out of 10 articles myself.
2. How do I find the material?  I read…a lot. All the time.
3. How do you do it?  I have a great team. See below.
Thank you to three special groups:
–You—The readers.  The people who send me comments, new stories and their thoughts.  I personally reply to everyone because I value the feedback.  Keep it coming.

–My team. Chelsea Clifton who is my right arm, Gregg Kafka who is the final check, and Andrew Cheney, we call him BASF.  He doesn’t make the narrative, he makes the narrative better.

–Kellie Coppola who is an outstanding editor ( 

I am looking forward to another five years of interesting dialogue.  I hope you are as well!


P.S. – We all have to start somewhere. For Bill Lee, that was with selling copiers. Click here to listen as he tells about his first sales job and how it led him to a life of excellence.

 Selling Copiers

If you’re having trouble viewing the video, click here.

Weekly Narrative Growth