Time flies. The market changes. Cycles occur. AND as of today, this is our 300th narrative. We have grown from 700 to over 28,000 weekly readers with an open rate that is double the industry standard. Thank you for your support and readership.

For 2016, we are going to add some humor throughout the year…Please watch this thirty second preview before you read the rest of the narrative:

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Kosta Tour 3

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We think we have the best commercial brokerage website in the business. To help you get to know our site, we have a series of awesome videos we are going to send as part of our narrative every other week for the first half of 2016. I promise they will be laugh-out-loud funny and worth a few minutes of your time. Like today, each video preview included in the weekly narrative will be a short teaser. You will always be able to click directly to the full video if you want.

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