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A Decade of Home Building

The last decade (pre-COVID-19) was a lesson in taking the long road.  I remember meeting with a couple CEOs of homebuilding companies every year and hearing the same story from 2009-2012: “Last year was bad but this next year is going to be a lot better.”  This was the message for four straight years.  Multifamily, on … Continue reading A Decade of Home Building

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Robotics are Here!

I first commented on this topic back in 2015 (click here to see my narrative and the video). The age of robotics is coming. And last month, it got even closer.  Boston Dynamics announced their first commercial robot is going on sale.  Yes, it will be expensive and limited, BUT it will be a commercially … Continue reading Robotics are Here!

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National Debt Growth

Below is the US National Debt as a portion of the economy expressed as a graph. Since this graph was created, we have now surpassed World War II levels of debt, pushing debt to over 100% of GDP.  You can see the most accurate calculation of national debt, which updates every second as it grows, here: The … Continue reading National Debt Growth