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Coolest Technology that Could Affect Commercial Real Estate

Today, I want to share with you a company that has a wonderful idea. If they can get this commercialized, it would revolutionize parking lots and roads. Imagine solar panels as surfaces in parking lots, roads and even highways. This is a short article with just some highlights. I would love to see the day where an abundance of our … Continue reading Coolest Technology that Could Affect Commercial Real Estate

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A Timeline of Lease Accounting

For the past couple years, we have been tracking the proposed law change that will reclassify the way businesses account for their commercial leases. Since 1977, a company’s office lease has been treated as an operating expense. Businesses may soon be forced to record it on their balance sheet under new accounting rules. If this new … Continue reading A Timeline of Lease Accounting

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WeWork: Now a $5 Billion Co-Working Startup

Over the years, I have leased space to several executive suite operators. These “tenants” lease a large amount of space, then re-lease it to small tenants sharing conference rooms, administration services, etc. During the last recession, most of them closed down leaving a specialized kind of operator – small, local and personal. Regus is the only international company that made it through … Continue reading WeWork: Now a $5 Billion Co-Working Startup

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Buildings That Move???

Dynamic Architecture is designing a whole new way to build buildings AND each floor moves independently while rotating. Pretty cool, huh?    Here are some highlights: 1—Each floor rotates 360 degrees, independently or in a concerted manner. Much like the fancy restaurant at the top of a building we have all been to, but in these buildings every floor rotates. … Continue reading Buildings That Move???