McKinsey did a pretty interesting study on creating a superior customer experience strategy.  As you can imagine, it’s not just the actions of the front-line, customer-facing workers that adds the ‘customer first’ experience to a company, but the executives and strategy as well. The more a company invests in the interests of their employees, the closer it will get to achieving their customer goals. That sounds right.

McKinsey found 3 things to help the customer experience:

  1. Having quality people on your team has a direct impact on the experience of your clients. We know this and all of us are trying to hire quality people.  Full employment makes it incredibly hard to accomplish.
  2. With so much talent in the marketplace, offering a seamless experience in the office can help attract & retain the best employees.  This starts getting into the company’s culture. “Culture eats strategy for lunch every day.” — Peter Drucker.
  3. When your employees are happy, they are more productive which helps you cut costs. No S**t.

Why am I writing about this in my narrative?  The chart below shows THE most important criteria for success in this process, which I found incredibly interesting.  The number one driver for overall customer satisfaction is the Working Environment.

That is where we come in.  We represent tenants in helping them find a home, negotiate a great deal, AND create a working environment to allow for a GREAT customer experience.  Office space isn’t just a roof over your head anymore.  Give me a call if you need help finding the right space.


When the customer experience starts at home

May 2017

By Sylvie Bardaune, Sébastien Lacroix, and Nicolas Maechler

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